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6 Reasons Why People Engage In Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud

Well known to all even before I mention, this issue of yahoo boys (internet fraudsters) is really pathetic. And the funny thing which is also a bitter truth is that they spend valuable time on this illegal exhibition that they would rather have spent on a more legit and profitable make money online endeavor.

Needless to say that they’ve got several tactics they utilize, trust me, they never run out of ideas!

If you are a frequent internet user, you would have at some points in your online surf come across some posts that look too good to be true and at the same time too tempting to be ignored.

Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud has gone far way more than just dating sites scams, dudes are littered everywhere on the world wide web looking for unsuspecting preys.

But is it really worth it? Damn right, you might say YES! But taking a good look at it from a right mindset, I ask you again, is it really worth it?

Let’s take a swift look into some 6 Reasons Why People Engage In Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud


When a typical young man sees his secondary school best friend stunning with designer shoes on Instagram, For real? I was better than this dude!

That’s the thought that flies through his mind. Or when a rich dude comes around and maneuvers off with his girlfriend, then that feeling of “I must be rich” comes up his head. And if you want to be rich by force, is Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud the best idea?

Let’s leave the answer for a later date.


The Yoruba people will call it “Ojukokoro“. It is that intense and selfish desire for something, in this case, wealth.

When you simply want the whole world to yourself without proportional effort put in. Then to them, the fastest way to this is Internet Fraud, which even in reality is not as easy as it seems.


This is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection often caused by unfortunate circumstances that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

It might be subsequent to oppression, which got a young man thinking deeply about his life, then resort to Yahoo Yahoo Internet Fraud as a means to live a better life.


This is the tendency to be restless. No foresight. The crave for rocket science and the wanting of magical effects in all situations.

Wizkid Signs New Young Artiste, Terri, To Starboy Entertainment (Watch Video)

Seems the industry signing window just opened Oo! Alot of singing of upcoming act to top labels has been rapid in few days! Congratualtions to them all.

Never Lose Hope! E fit be your turn tomorrow.. Just keep your head up, game tight and be humble. Give yourself a very good promotional package. Naijaloaded can always help on that.

Terri uploaded a video on Instagram December 2017, and he tagged Wizkid, Naijaloaded and some other social media accounts on IG. 2 months after, he got signed. Promo Works!

Nigerian pop singer Wizkid welcomes young new artiste “Terri” to his record label, starboy entertainment.

The singer took to his twitter page to welcome the new signed artiste who tagged him on a video, doing the refix of his song with djjimmyjat “Oshee’ on instagram on December 2017.

“Terri” will also be featured in wizkid new song “Soco” that will be released on February 20th

Wizkid Tweeted:-

Welcome @TERRI_RYN to #StarboyEnt!! Tagged me on a video on insta dec 2017!! Now starboy Gang! Daddy yo got u! �� y’all follow him.

Welcome @TERRI_RYN to #StarboyEnt!! Tagged me on a video on insta dec 2017!! Now starboy Gang! Daddy yo got u!  y’all follow him.

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) February 18, 2018

Below isn’t a video of Terri, you might like to watch:-

Watch now

Five classic Chelsea v Barcelona Champions League ties

Chelsea and Barcelona renew hostilities in the Champions League last 16 on Tuesday in what has become a European classic in five tempestuous meetings shrouded in controversy.

helsea’s Spanish forward Fernando Torres (up) vies for the ball with Barcelona’s goalkeeper Victor Valdes before scoring during the UEFA Champions League second leg semi-final football match Barcelona against Chelsea at the Cam Nou stadium in Barcelona on April 24, 2012.


AFP Sports takes a look back at the five previous knockout ties between the English champions and Catalan giants in the Champions League.

Rivaldo leads revival Chelsea’s first foray into the quarter-finals in 2000 got off to a flying start as Gianfranco Zola and a Tore Andre Flo double put the hosts 3-0 up inside 38 minutes of the first leg. However, Luis Figo grabbed a vital away goal after the break to set up a Barca second leg fightback.

 Rivaldo and Figo struck before half-time at the Camp Nou to give Barca the advantage on away goals before Flo restored Chelsea’s aggregate lead. Pep Guardiola provided the cross from which Dani Garcia’s header took the game to extra-time. Rivaldo’s penalty edged Barca ahead, having earlier missed from the spot, before Patrick Kluivert capped the comeback with Barca’s fifth.

 Mourinho gets Frisky The presence of former Barca assistant Jose Mourinho as Chelsea boss took the rivalry to new heights in 2005. Mourinho was furious with Swedish referee Anders Frisk after he sent-off Didier Drogba with Chelsea leading 1-0 at the Camp Nou in the first leg. Frisk retired from refereeing less than a month later, citing death threats. Barca came back against the 10 men to win 2-1 on the night, but were blown away by another fast Chelsea start at the Bridge. Eidur Gudjohnsen, Frank Lampard and Damien Duff put the Blues 3-0 up inside 20 minutes before Ronaldinho, firstly from the penalty spot, and then with a stunning outside of the foot strike from outside the box nudged Barca ahead on away goals.

Makarfi: APC has made it easier for us to win in 2019

Senator Ahmed Makarfi was former Governor of Kaduna State between 1999 and 2007. He also served as a Senator before becoming Chairman, National Caretaker Committee of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

In this interview in Lagos over the weekend, he bares his mind on various national issues ranging from re-ordering of elections by the National Assembly, preparation of the PDP ahead of the 2019 elections and how the party is managing the fallouts from the December National Convention. He also talked about the failure of the South-West to clinch the chairmanship of the party as well as restructuring.


The People’s Democratic Party, PDP was enmeshed in crisis ahead of its National Convention and there were still some skirmishes after the convention. Can you tell us the progress the party has made after that? Well, not many people gave us a chance before the convention, many thought the party was going to scatter from the Eagle Square but that did not happen. But that does not mean there was no fall-out from the convention. After any convention, there must be issues arising from the conduct of such conventions. So, it is not different that PDP has some minor issues after the convention but it is gladdening that the party remains solid, remains united and one. Before the convention, we anticipated that some issues would arise, that was why we set up the reconciliation committee which moved to work immediately after the convention.

 The current leadership also set up two other committees which consist of Seriake Dickson Committee and the other one led by former principal officers of the National Assembly to reach out to the aggrieved and to bring them back on board and to integrate them in a bid to provide a united front. This is also to provide a strong and virile opposition to the All Progressives Congress, APC, which is in power. We have covered a lot of grounds, but that does not mean to say there are still no issues but I am not in a position to know what those outstanding issues were because I am not the national chairman of the party now. I have left the office of chairman but I continue to give advice in areas where I am needed and I am also handling issues I can handle on my own just to bring unity into the party without necessarily having recourse to the current leadership. The current leadership has been meeting with relevant organs of the party, the governors, National Assembly members and former governors in order to forge the way forward for the party.

 I am sure the party is set and working so hard to be a virile opposition party. What is your reaction to insinuations that your leadership stirred disaffection in the South-West zone after it opened up the office of national chairman to all zones despite earlier zoning the office to the region where the party is not strong? I want to disagree with you in your assertions about states of the South-West. First, there was no intention of throwing away the South-West or any other bloc from any part of the country. And by the time we went to the convention, there was no political arrangement from the South as to where the chairman of the party should come from. We came in May and a convention was scheduled for August in Port-Harcourt, the PDP met in Port-Harcourt and micro-zoned the chairmanship of the party to the South-West before August last year.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Thousands of students and faculty from the Catholic-run St Scholasticas College, dance

Thousands of students and faculty from the Catholic-run St Scholastica's College, dance en masse for women's rights in Manila, Philippines. The annual mass dancing event, dubbed One Billion Rising, is held every Valentine's Day.

Young wrestlers train in Cubas streets during the week-long student wrestling

Young wrestlers train in Cuba's streets during the week-long student wrestling championship coined 'The truth of my neighbourhood', organised by locals in the Chicharrones neighbourhood of Santiago

Cyril Ramaphosa addresses parliament in Cape Town

Cyril Ramaphosa addresses parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, prior to being sworn in as president. The ANC-dominated parliament elected Ramaphosa as South Africa's new president after the resignation of Jacob Zuma.

A student mourns the loss of her friend during a community

A student mourns the loss of her friend during a community for the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Nikolas Cruz, a former student, was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder on Thursday

Kasur rapist-murderer sentenced to death in Pakistan

A Pakistani serial killer convicted of rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl Zainab Ansari has been sentenced to death, prosecutors say.

The trial was held in the eastern city Lahore by the country's special anti-terrorism court on Saturday in the presence of the killer, Mohammad Imran Ali.

Zainab was found dead in a rubbish dump on January 9 in Kasur district near Lahore, in Punjab province, several days after her disappearance.

Imran was arrested two weeks after he committed the crime that ignited nationwide protests.

"I am very thankful to the chief justice; he treated Zainab like his own daughter," Zainab's father Amin Ansari told Al Jazeera.

Imran Ali is sentenced to death on four counts but Zainab's mother deems this as insufficient for the crimes he committed.

"I want him hanged where he threw Zainab's body. And he should be stoned. Hanging him is just ordinary for him," Nusrat Amin told Al Jazeera.

"Everyone should take part in stoning him. And this thing about four hangings, one hanging, two hangings, what difference does it make? I want him hanged where he killed my girl."

Kuwait: Death of Filipina maid highlights abuse of workers

The Philippine ambassador to Kuwait says he has received almost 6,000 complaints of abuse towards Filipino workers last year.

The body of Joanna Demafelis, a Filipina maid, found in a freezer in Kuwait last week has highlighted the mistreatment of some domestic workers in the Gulf.

President Rodrigo Duterte banned the further deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait, triggering a diplomatic crisis.

Kuwaiti officials have criticised the ban, saying Duterte's statements have only served to complicate the situation further

Why Most Americans Can Buy AR-15s Before They Can Have Their First Beer

This week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school, where a lone gunman opened fire on students and staff, killing 17 and injuring 15, has distressingly similar details in the profile of the suspect and his weapon. A 19-year-old former student with a history of disciplinary issues had gotten his hands on an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle capable of firing highly lethal rounds in rapid succession. And he’d done so completely legally.

Under federal law, and in almost every state, the minimum age for purchasing a long gun from a licensed dealer is 18. This category of firearms encompasses shotguns and rifles, including the assault-style weapons that have become popular in mass shootings. Federal law provides no minimum age for the possession of long guns, and in some states, it’s legal for children younger than 18 to own these weapons as long as they have parental consent.

For handguns, the age limit increases to 21 under federal law. Just two states, Hawaii and Illinois, have laws specifically raising the minimum purchase age for long guns to 21, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

This system gives millions of young Americans the right to buy the deadliest civilian weaponry three years before they can legally drink alcohol. It dates back to the Gun Control Act of 1968. Although civilian firepower has changed dramatically over the past half-century, these distinctions have not.

“Back in the day, you had a lower gun age for rifles because they were often used for hunting,” said Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at the UCLA School of Law. “Young men would have valid reasons for hunting, and they could even have it for self defense, but it was primarily for recreation.”

Back then, many popular civilian rifles were bolt-action, or lever-action. They typically featured lower-capacity magazines, and required the shooter to manually chamber each round, firing more slowly than modern semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15, the now-popular civilian rifle platform modeled off military-issue weapons of the past and present.

In this technological landscape, lawmakers in the 1960s regarded handguns as a much bigger threat in the hands of young people, who can tend to be more erratic and prone to violence.

“This all stems from the idea that handguns were usually weapons of self-defense and criminal misuse, and neither of those two things were seemingly appropriate for most kids.” said Winkler. “So, the idea was that because handguns were thought to be more dangerous than long guns, that they had stricter rules.”

LeBron James responds to Laura Ingraham: #wewillnotshutupanddribble

A month before the latest school shooting and mass killing in a Florida high school, Kevin Durant and LeBron James recorded a video for the Uninterrupted where they vented that president Donald Trump does not care about most people not does he try to unite them. That video dropped just after the school shooting, where the president took heat for his comments on the situation.

Taking a lazy intellectual path designed to fire up her base, Fox News host Laura Ingraham took the “stick to sports” argument to an  offensive level, saying LeBron and KD should “shut up and dribble.”

Jaylen Brown of the Celtics had already done an excellent job taking down Ingraham’s misguided attack, Durant had responded as well and called the comments ignorant and racist.

Now LeBron has responded on Instagram.

LeBron and Durant are citizens with the right to speak out, and they should.

Hopefully, this can be the end of this “controversy,” only because Ingraham isn’t worth it.

Sally Field Wants Her Son to Date Adam Rippon

Everyone says they're an Adam Rippon stan but do they really mean it? Do we mean it the way Sally Field means it? Are we showing our dedication as fervently as the erstwhile Nora Walker from Brothers and Sisters? Do we love Adam Rippon enough to try to set him up with our adult sons over Twitter like Sally Field did? That's the standard, folks. Sally Field is our gold standard.

We're all going shopping for bedazzled leotards, pulling out early-aughts club jams to do triple axels to, and commenting on Andrea's statement necklace like good little Rippers (I've decided this is the name of Adam Rippon's fandom. It's weird. I'm unhappy with it. But you can't argue with the lexicon.) Every time he throws shade at the Vice President we scream with delight like a queen just death dropped on Drag Race.

"Is she going to exercise her right to free speech from there?!"

Fellow Olympian Gus Kenworthy is obsessed with Adam Rippon in the way that only the best of friends can be.

Get yourself a friend who will non-objectifyingly objectify your butt. Gus Kenworthy is that friend who will never let you take a selfie in bad lighting and gets emotional talking about how much they love you.

Gus Kenworthy, like all of America, loves Adam Rippon.


Could an Olympic medal ever top waking up to a tweet from Britney Spears?

Winning a gold medal is a rare and amazing accomplishment. It’s the product of years of hard work, training and sacrifice, and proves that the winner is at the very top of their sport.

But here’s a question: could that ever top getting a supportive tweet from Britney Spears?

One man may be in the position to answer that question very soon. Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy will ski in the slopestyle event on Sunday, and on the morning of the competition he woke up to the most phenomenal tweet.

Kenworthy has a history with Britney Spears. Or her music, at least. He told GQ that her song “Gimme More” helped him win his qualifying run, and it’s been bringing him luck ever since. And now he has a tweet from Britney herself.

That’s a shocking amount of luck, and Kenworthy doesn’t really know if he can handle it.

The eye-popping, mouth-dropping look on his face when he saw that tweet probably made it look like he’d died. “Literally dead” or not, Kenworthy will be going that extra mile in the slopestyle for Britney, and Team USA, on Sunday.

If he wins that gold medal, the world will be waiting to find out if that tops waking up to a tweet from queen Britney Spears herself. And if he doesn’t win, he still has a tweet from Britney Spears. No matter what, Gus Kenworthy has won the day.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Mourinho denies reports of Pogba exit from Man United

It’s no secret. Paul Pogba is not playing at his best level right now.

The Frenchman’s recent form for Manchester United has been below his early-season standard, as well as the expectations around Pogba, and he’s certainly struggled in defeats to Tottenham and Newcastle in the last few weeks.

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But despite the dip in form, manager Jose Mourinho harshly ruled out reports on Friday that stated Pogba could leave Old Trafford this summer, calling them outright lies.
“I think you are nice with your words, because when you say ‘a lot of speculation’, you should say a lot of lies because I accept – and I can speak on Paul’s behalf without any problems – and Paul accepts that he’s not being playing well in the last few matches,” Mourinho said in a press conference. “But that’s all and if you want to speak about it, then that’s one thing and then your word ‘speculation’ makes a little bit of sense. But the majority of the things that you can read and you can listen – don’t be nice, be objective and say lies.”

Mourinho gave a little insight into Pogba’s struggles this season. The 24-year-old midfielder suffered a serious thigh injury in September that kept him out until November, forcing him to miss 12 Man United games. According to Mourinho, the injury was similar to Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele, who underwent surgery to fix the issue.

Ronan Farrow is Trump-Affair Bombshell: Conservative Twitter Is All, But Bill Clinton…

Donald Trump had a nine-month affair with Karen McDougal in 2006 — two years into his marriage to Melania Trump — Ronan Farrow wrote in a blockbuster New Yorker article published early Friday. The bombshell piece has the Internet abuzz — and split.

Though the left is enjoying the “gotcha” moment, conservative Twitter is somewhat unfazed by the story, with reactions ranging from “Who cares” to “Fake news!” to our favorite: “But Bill Clinton…”

Read some of the most predictable posts from right-leaning social media users below.

Lady punishes her cheating boyfriend, orders him to write I Wont Cheat No More 224 times (Video/Photos)

An American lady from Chicago, Darneisha Shereese made her cheating boyfriend Terrence Bell‎ to write  'I Won’t Cheat No More' 224 times after he cheated on her.

She shared a video of him carrying out the punishment, she wrote: 'Punish His Ass ?????4 more Sheets To Go. ? Front And Back My Nigga “I Won’t Cheat No More” ?? He Mad Asl Tho'.

Watch the video below

Davido shares screenshot of a nῠde photo sent to him by mistake from a female fan

The popstar shared the photo on Snapchat but many people are saying the lady who sent this photo to him did it on purpose.

What do you think?

Police in Florida arrest 11-Year-Old girl who wrote a note threatening to shoot Ugly kids in her school

A 6th grader has been arrested for writing a note that contained a threat to commit a school shooting.

The student is from Davie, Florida which is close to Parkland, Florida. To add to the tragedy and fear surrounding the Florida community, and frankly the country as a whole, this news comes only a day after the tragic school shooting by a 19-year-old male killing 17 people.

The girl claims another student forced her to place the note under the office door to the assistant principal and according to the police report, the 11-year-old can be seen on a surveillance video placing the handwritten under the door.

Pregnant Jordin Sparks flaunts her baby bump during vacation in Mexico with husband Dana Isaiah (Photos)

Pregnant Jordin Sparks, 28, and her fitness model husband Dana Isaiah, 26, enjoyed beachy babymoon outing to the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach in Cancun, Mexico, over the weekend.

The singer flaunted her growing baby bump in a white bikini and a white royal blue cover-up, while her husband wore a green and blue pair of swim shorts which he paired with Chicago White Sox hat as they hit the beach together.

The pair who sure spent quality time in Cancun, had a splash at the beach and enjoyed a walk together.

According to People, the loved-up duo also spent a lot of time at the resort's spa enjoying hydrotherapy as well the pool at the Presidential Suite.

The pair who got married in July 2017 in Hawaii, are expecting their first child, a baby boy at the end of April.

See more photos below..

Friday, 16 February 2018

While Everyone Is Watching Bitcoin, I Am Watching This

The hysteria surrounding cryptocurrency is alive and well, but while speculators obsess about that space of the investment world, I have my eyes on something that is far more critical to those whose hard-earned wealth is more correlated to the fate of the stock and bond markets.  Above is what I’d call the really, really, REALLY big picture for the U.S. stock market.  It covers the last 20 years of the S&P 500, updated through February 14, 2018.  My observations are threefold:

We are literally in “un-charted” territory. During the heights of the market pre-financial crisis, the index stopped rising at around the same point it did during the dot-com bubble.  This time around, that old high from 2007 has been left in the dust.  That makes the analysis a bit tougher in determining just how dangerous this latest potential bull market peak can be.

The bottom of the chart shows the “Percentage Price Oscillator” for the S&P 500 using monthly prices. You can see that it has reached a level similar to that of the late 1990s and the 2007 market top.  But as we see, this indicator also reached this level in late 2015, which led to a sharp but limited selloff into early 2016, before the Federal Reserve pumped more money into the economy and staved off what appeared to be the end of the long bull run.  Today’s monetary conditions are the opposite: the Fed is selling, not buying bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury, so the “save” used last time around is no longer available.

U.S. intelligence agencies are still warning against buying Huawei and ZTE phones

Things are still looking pretty bleak for Huawei’s plans to conquer the U.S. market. Earlier this week, half a dozen top members of intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA and NSA reaffirmed surveillance concerns about the company and fellow Chinese smartphone maker ZTE.

All of this is nothing new, of course. The companies’ troubles date back at least as far back as 2012, when a House Intelligence Committee cited both as a potential security risks over close ties to the Chinese government. The following year, they were both barred from selling product to the U.S. government.

FBI director Chris Wray echoed those concerns during a hearing Tuesday, stating, “We're deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don't share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks.”

Huawei has since issued a response, accusing the government of “inhibiting [its] business in the U.S. market” and adding, "Huawei is trusted by governments and customers in 170 countries worldwide and poses no greater cybersecurity risk than any ICT vendor, sharing as we do common global supply chains and production capabilities.”

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Quietly Broke Up Last Year

Actors Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have officially ended their relationship after two-plus years of marriage.

The couple announced that they had separated late last year in a joint statement obtained by HuffPost on Thursday.

The breakup, which Aniston and Theroux had intended to keep private at least for a while, was “mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year,” according to the couple. They decided to publicly announce the split in an attempt to “reduce any further speculation” and “gossip.”

“We are two best friends who have decided to part ways as a couple, but look forward to continuing our cherished friendship,” the couple said in their statement.

“Normally we would do this privately, but given that the gossip industry cannot resist an opportunity to speculate and invent, we wanted to convey the truth directly.”

Aniston and Theroux met on the set of “Tropic Thunder” in 2007 and got engaged five years later. They were married on Aug. 5, 2015.

Trump Says Florida Students Should Have Done More To Prevent Deadly Shooting

President Donald Trump on Thursday responded to the massacre at a South Florida high school by suggesting students and the surrounding community could have done more to prevent the attack.
President Donald Trump on Thursday responded to the massacre at a South Florida high school by suggesting students and the surrounding community could have done more to prevent the attack.

At least 17 people were killed and 15 injured after a troubled former student opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday, police said. Nikolas Cruz, 19, had been expelled from the school the previous year for “disciplinary reasons,” and many of his former classmates told media on Wednesday that he displayed problematic behavior.

“Honestly a lot of people were saying it was going to be him,” one student told CBS Miami. “We actually, a lot of kids threw jokes around like that, saying that he’s the one to shoot up the school, but it turns out everyone predicted it. It’s crazy.”

A former teacher, Jim Gard, told the Miami Herald that Cruz reportedly wasn’t allowed to carry a backpack on the school campus, and that “there were problems with him last year threatening students.”

After Florida, is the tide finally turning on gun control?

Attendees comfort each other at a candlelight vigil for the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Feb. 15, 2018, in Parkland, Fla. (Photo: Wilfredo Lee/AP)
Wednesday’s mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., is the latest tragedy to befall a nation accustomed to headlines of gun deaths and the partisan political response that follows them.

The gradual decrescendo that accompanies such horrific incidents — from outrage and thoughts and prayers to cooling off periods and eventual inaction — has long been familiar to Americans. Yet the killings in Parkland have come close on the heels of other acts of semi-automatic slaughter.

Three of the nation’s 10 most deadly mass shootings have happened in the last six months, taking the lives of more than 100 people.

Perhaps that explains a small but noticeable change in the response to this latest horror. Take Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a staunch gun-rights Republican, who on Thursday went against party orthodoxy and suggested that people with mental illness perhaps should not be allowed to purchase firearms.

“It’s looking at who should have guns, should individuals who have mental illness have guns. It’s not one thing,” Scott told CNN. “It’s all these things put together.”

That went far beyond President Trump’s call to “tackle the difficult issue of mental health” in that it returned to a proposal by former President Barack Obama that could limit the availability of guns.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Surprising - I Gave Up This 1 Fruit in My Diet and Started Losing Weight(Try it)

A protein-rich, refreshing smoothie is one of my favourite breakfasts to eat after I get back from the gym in the mornings. It's been a staple morning meal of mine for a long time, but I didn't realise until several months ago that I was making my smoothies all wrong.

Last year, my trainer at the time asked me what I normally eat after we're done with our weightlifting sessions. I named all the ingredients I put in my smoothie: almond milk, protein powder (my favourite is the mocha Vega Sport Protein), a frozen banana, hemp seeds, and spinach. She nodded her head and confirmed that this all sounded fine, but a few minutes later, she asked me, "Have you ever considered cutting back on bananas?"

All the Ways Veganism Changed My Life, From Weight Loss to Glowing Skin
She knew I was at a point in my life when I was trying to lose weight, but I had never considered that this fruit might be sabotaging my efforts. It's not that bananas aren't healthy - they actually offer a great deal of nutrients. They're full of potassium and vitamins B-6 and C, and they're great for reducing bloating. But at the very least, they're around 105-115 calories, and they're high in natural sugar. And eating a high amount of sugar, whether it's natural or artificial, will only increase your cravings for sugar in the long run, which may encourage you to reach for more sweets later. My trainer said she stays away from bananas if she's ever trying to trim down.

Luke Wilson involved in fatal car accident in Los Angeles

Actor Luke Wilson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Legally Blonde) was involved in a car crash that left one person dead and two injured yesterday evening, a Los Angeles police spokesman has said.

The crash involved a Ferrari and a BMW in the Pacific Palisades neighbourhood at 6.31pm on Tuesday evening, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Wilson wasn’t driving either car, but his Toyata Fj was clipped by the Ferrari, which hit the BMW before crashing into a tree.

Professional golfer Bill Haas was a passenger in the Ferrari, with Haas’ driver pronounced dead at the scene, while two others were taken to a nearby hospital.

Detective Jeff Fischer of the LAPD told local television station KTLA: “I can confirm Luke Wilson was driving the vehicle, the Toyota FJ that was travelling northbound. His vehicle just basically got clipped by the Ferrari.”

A statement from the Los Angeles Fire Department said the two people injured – a 35-year-old male and 50-year-old female – were “both in serious condition”.

Wilson, 46, is currently filming the big screen adaptation of Donna Tartt’s novel The Goldfinch, alongside Nicole Kidman, Finn Wolfhard and Sarah Paulson. It’s scheduled for an October release.

Champions League Review: CR7 back in the spotlight while English clubs impress

The Champions League is back with a bang as the knockout stages kicked off with some classic first-leg ties across Europe.

Paul Wilkes has been keeping an eye on all the action with Spurs, Liverpool and Manchester City all resuming their quest to claim the top prize – and the small matter of Real Madrid taking on PSG.

Here’s everything you might have missed as the biggest club competition in world football returned this week.

Mane’s confidence has been restored
Liverpool’s attacking trident have been exceptional throughout this season, but Sadio Mane has looked unusually out of sorts at times. The interchanging of positions between the Senegalese attacker and Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah has thrilled, although Mane hasn’t always been as clinical.

In Florida high school, Former student opens a fire that kills 17 persons

PARKLAND, Fla. (AP) — A former student opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at a Florida high school Wednesday, killing at least 17 people and sending hundreds of students fleeing into the streets in the nation's deadliest school shooting since a gunman attacked an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

The shooter, who was equipped with a gas mask and smoke grenades, set off a fire alarm to draw students out of classrooms shortly before the day ended at one of the state's largest schools, officials said.

Authorities offered no immediate details on the 19-year-old suspect or any possible motive, except to say that he had been kicked out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which has about 3,000 students.

Students who knew the shooter, identified as Nikolas Cruz, described a volatile teenager whose strange behavior had caused others to end friendships with him, particularly after the fight that led to his expulsion.

Frantic parents rushed to the school to find SWAT team members and ambulances surrounding the huge campus. Live television footage showed emergency workers who appeared to be treating the wounded on sidewalks.

"It is a horrific situation," said Robert Runcie, superintendent of the school district in Parkland, about an hour's drive north of Miami. "It is a horrible day for us."

The suspect was taken into custody without a fight in a residential neighborhood about a mile away. He had multiple magazines of ammunition, authorities said.

"It's catastrophic. There really are no words," Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters.

The attacker used the fire alarm "so the kids would come pouring out of the classrooms into the hall," Sen. Bill Nelson told CNN.

"And there the carnage began," said Nelson, who said he was briefed by the FBI.

The Florida Democrat said he did not know if the gunman used the smoke grenades, but he assumed that's why he had a gas mask on.

Most of the fatalities were inside the building, though some victims were found outside. The dead included a football coach, the sheriff said.

More than a dozen other people were wounded and taken to hospitals, doctors said.

Victoria Olvera, a junior at the school, said Cruz was expelled last school year because he got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. She said he had been abusive to his girlfriend.

"I think everyone had in their minds if anybody was going to do it, it was going to be him," she said.

Dakota Mutchler, another junior, said he used to be friends with Cruz. But he cut off the friendship as Cruz's behavior "started progressively getting a little more weird." Cruz posted on Instagram about killing animals and threatened one of Mutchler's friends, he said.

He remembered that Cruz had a pellet gun and did target practice in his backyard.

Student Daniel Huerfano said he recognized Cruz from an Instagram photo in which Cruz had posed with a gun in front of his face.

Cruz "was that weird kid that you see ... like a loner," he said.

Freshman Max Charles was in class when he heard five gunshots.

"We were in the corner, away from the windows," he said. "The teacher locked the door and turned off the light. I thought maybe I could die or something."

As he was leaving the building, he saw four dead students and one dead teacher. He said he was relieved when he finally found his mother.

"I was happy that I was alive," Max said. "She was crying when she saw me."

About an hour after the attack, Michael Nembhard was sitting in his garage on a cul-de-sac when he saw a young man in a burgundy shirt walking down the street. In an instant, a police cruiser pulled up, and officers jumped out with guns drawn.

"All I heard was 'Get on the ground! Get on the ground!'" Nembhard said. He said the man did as he was told.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

In Lagos Nigeria - Lagos extends Oshodi-Int l Airport Road reconstruction to Ladipo Axis

…Approves Construction Of Pedestrian Bridge At Toyota Bus Stop
…As Ambode Orders Spare Parts Traders To Vacate Construction Sites

The Lagos State Government on Monday approved the extension of the ongoing reconstruction of the International Airport Road to Ladipo International Market axis along Oshodi Apapa Expressway.

The Government also announced plans to construct a pedestrian bridge at Toyota Bus Stop in response to the yearnings of traders and residents of the area, with the contractor expected to begin work on the bridge next week.

State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, who disclosed this during an extensive inspection of ongoing projects across the State, said the extension was to complement the Airport Road reconstruction in line with the regeneration of the entire Oshodi axis.

“There is no point doing the Airport Road if we don’t extend that contract to where I am standing here and so I want to do it from Oshodi to Guardian Newspapers axis; I want to rehabilitate the road and turn it to a modern road. The only way I can do it also is if you don’t do any trading on the road.

“I promise you I will also do a Pedestrian Bridge at Toyota Bus Stop. So, the contractor that is doing the Airport Road will commence work on the Pedestrian Bridge and this road next week if you allow me. That is why I have come here personally; I was here yesterday. I don’t want to inconvenience you but I have come to appeal to you; just be patience with us; we will bring growth and development to this place,” the Governor said.

Governor Ambode, who also inspected ongoing construction of roads around Ladipo International Auto Spare Parts Market, called on traders to leave the road to enable the contractor complete the projects.

Accompanied by key members of his cabinet, the Governor expressed concern that the presence of traders displaying their wares on the road was hampering the construction work and delaying the completion on schedule.

Addressing thousands of traders who came out to hear from him, he said he had come out personally to appeal to them to leave the road to enable work continue and that if they comply, the project would be delivered by May 2018.

“When I came here last year and I went through the Ladipo Market, I promised you I will do all the roads within the market and you will all cooperate with me. So, last year August, I fulfilled my promise; I awarded the contract of Akinwunmi Street, the Ladipo Street and then the other streets on the adjacent side.

“The contractors have gone to work; I have just inspected the project at Akinwunmi Street and the drainage has been completed. You were the ones that told me I should come and do the roads; I have asked the contractors and they are promising me that Akinwunmi Street will be delivered by May but I have an issue and that is why I have called the Vice President of your association to stand by my side here.

“Now, the only reason why that contract will not be completed on schedule is that some of you are trading on the roads that we want to repair and you were the ones that said we should come and repair the roads and so you need to talk to yourselves; I don’t want any trading on that road until we finish it. This is February, in another three months, we will finish it. So, the leaders in this market, please talk to your people, they should vacate the roads; let us bring development to your market.

“I have come to appeal to you. If you don’t do it by way of appeal, you know I also have the power to close the market but I don’t want to do it and so let there be peace and when there is peace, there is progress and there is development,” he said.

Responding on behalf of the traders, Vice President of the market, Mr. Jude Nwankwo commended Governor Ambode for delivering on his promise to transform the axis, assuring that they would cooperate with the government and vacate the roads to enable the contractor complete the project on schedule.

“We would cooperate with you, we do not have any reason not to cooperate with you because all that you have promised to do, you have done it. Moreso, we are all beneficiaries of all the good work you are doing in Lagos,” Nwankwo said.

Governor Ambode also inspected the ongoing construction of the Oshodi Transport Interchange where he was briefed on the level of work done so far by the contractor and Managing Director, Planet Projects, Mr. Biodun Otunola.

He also inspected the ongoing construction of roads, walkways, laybys and solar powered street lights in Agboyi Ketu Local Government area expected to be completed within two weeks.

While responding to an appeal by some of the residents for the construction of a market in the area, the Governor promised to collaborate with the Local Government to see the possibility of acceding to the request.

Besides, the Governor and his team also inspected the ongoing construction of the Eko Theatre in Oregun Ikeja, one of the five theatres currently under construction across the State, assuring that the adjoining land space would be converted to a recreation centre for children and a car park.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

In Naija: DJ Cuppy looks smoking hot in bejeweled bikini for Trinidad Carnival

DJ Cuppy showed off her voluptuous figure in bejeweled bikini as she joined other revelers to celebrate the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.


In kano state - 22 students going on excursion die in a fatal accident (photos)

22 secondary school students going on an excursion to a radio station in Kano state, were killed in a fatal accident at Gaya local government area of the state yesterday February 13th. The accident, which occurred at about 11.00 a.m., involved a truck and the bus conveying the students from Misau local government, Bauchi to the radio station. Eyewitnesses say the bus collided with the truck as both were trying to avoid a pothole at Samia Uku village.

The victims have been buried according ot Islamic injunction. The funeral prayers took place at emir's palace, Misau Emirate Council. May their souls rest in peace, Amen.

Record-breaking Ronaldo inspires Real Madrid comeback against PSG

Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice as Real Madrid came from a goal down to beat Paris Saint-Germain 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday.

Adrien Rabiot's away goal had put the Ligue 1 leaders in front in the Champions League last-16 tie, but Ronaldo's double and Marcelo's late strike gave the home side the victory.

The clash has been billed as potentially critical to the futures of head coaches Zinedine Zidane and Unai Emery, with both under pressure to deliver the biggest prize in European football this season, but the Madrid boss will be the happier ahead of the return fixture at Parc des Princes.

Madrid, winners of the tournament in three of the last four years, were the stronger side in the opening half-hour but suffered a blow when Rabiot broke the deadlock 33 minutes in.

The visitors had defended well in the absence of captain Thiago Silva, who was benched in favour of Presnel Kimpembe, but Ronaldo made no mistake from the penalty spot to make it 1-1 with his 100th goal in the competition for Madrid.

Ronaldo added a fortunate second before Marcelo struck a third just three minutes later, as the holders secured a valuable first-leg lead ahead of the visit to the French capital on March 6.

Madrid made a flying start but the game soon became a little cagier, with neither team eager to over-commit in attack, and a frustrating opening 20 minutes for Neymar was compounded when he was booked for kicking Nacho Fernandez.

Ronaldo was denied by Alphonse Areola with the first clear chance of the match, the PSG goalkeeper racing out to block his effort from Marcelo's brilliant pass, but Rabiot made the most of the visitors' best opening of the half.

Nacho cut out Kylian Mbappe's cross but only turned it into the path of Rabiot, who swept the ball past Keylor Navas from just inside the box.

Ronaldo fired over from another promising opening but he drew the home side level a minute before the interval, blasting into the bottom-left corner from the penalty spot after Giovani Lo Celso had tugged back Toni Kroos in the box.

In Ghana - KTU trains 18 in solar thermal technology

Eighteen [18] persons have received training and certification in solar thermal energy at the Koforidua Technical University [KTU] at Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

The 18 persons include lecturers and professionals from School of Mines, University of Development Studies and the Gratis Foundation.

Other renowned tertiary institutions in the country took part in a three day workshop on “Ecowas Solar Thermal Energy Capacity Building and Demonstration Program”, organized by the Ecowas Centre for renewable energy and energy efficiency [ECREEE], in collaboration with the Institute of Sustainable Technologies [AEE-INTEC], and the Koforidua Technical University.

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